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Class AJ - Miss Jeffree

Miss Jeffree is one of the Year 5 teachers alongside Miss Rowell. She loves to be creative and her favourite subject is art; she even runs an art club every Tuesday afterschool.

Outside of school, Miss Jeffree loves to keep active and can sometimes be seen on her bicycle around Writtle. She is very busy painting and decorating her new house. Miss Jeffree also loves to travel and try new foods from around the world, with her most favourie being cake!



Welcome to Year 5!

There are lots of exciting projects and challenges for you and I hope you will have a huge amount of fun learning lots of new skills!


MRS MATTHEWS / MRS SMITH / MRS CORBY: We are very lucky that Mrs Matthews, Mrs Smith and Mrs Corby will be working with us in Year 5!

MRS ROBINSON: Mrs Robinson is our Sports Coach and will be working alongside Miss Rowell and Miss Jeffree during one PE session a week. 

MR SILLS: We are very lucky that Mr Sills will be joining us again in September to teach music one half term each term. We will get our first sessions after October half term.

Autumn 2  Year 5 – Lights! Camera! Action!

Autumn 1  Year 5 – Space Invaders

Our topic for this half term was 'Space Invaders' where we looked forward to the challenge of sending sending our eggonauts into Space! Alongside this, we learnt about the history of space, including finding out about the first people (and creatures) sent in to Space! We learnt about our Solar System and identified how the planets orbit the sun, as well as investigating how night and day are created. 

Autumn 2  Year 5 – Lights! Camera! Action!

During LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! we used Stop Motion to create our very own animations. Whilst creating our animations, we looked at; camera angles, sound, sound effects and lighting, as well as creating our own stories and characters. We were really pleased how our Stop Motion films turned out and were so proud to show everyone during our open afternoon. 

Spring 1  Year 5 - Awesome Egyptians

This half term we travelled back in time to the world of Ancient Egypt. Here we learnt about the importance of the River Nile and investigated the mysteries of Tutankhamun's tomb. We learnt all about the Pharaoh's and wrote our own messages using Hieroglyphics!

In English, we looked at stories from other cultures and biographies. We also learnt about the famous Egyptologist Howard Carter. We were really lucky to have a visit from Portals to the past, who took us back in time to the Ancient Egyptian Era.

Spring 2 Year 5 - Amazing Americas

During this half term we are going to be learning all about North and South America, focusing on biomes and climae zones. Do you know which biome we live in? Is there a different biome you would like to live in? 

Along the way, we will be finding out about the different countries in the Amazing Americas and taking a road trip through them. We may even have to stop off along the way and sample some American cuisine.

In English we will be focusing on the story 'Journey to Jo'burg' and writing our own story from another culture. In science we will be focusing on life cycles and finding out all about how plants and animals reproduce. 

We can't wait to get started!

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