Welcome to Class HA

A great big welcome to WJS and to life in Year 3.  

Spring 1- Passion for Trashion

This half term we are moving on to Passion for Trashion, where we will learn all about recycling and become designers, creating outfits out of recycled materias. Once created, we will be putting on our very own Trashion Show to show off all our fabulous designs. This will be held on the 10th February.

What else have we got to look forward to?

Well...... our focus this term will be on Design and Technology. We will investigate properties of materials, then use this knowledge to design our outfits and create them with the help of parents (look out for your invite to our creative day held on the 3rd February).

Along with music with Mr Sills, we will be composing our own music using the Garage Band! You may even get a taster of this during the Trashion Show.

Our science this term allows us to investigate electricity, finding out where it comes from and creating our own circuits. Maybe we have some budding electricians in the making!

In English we will be focusing on the author Colin Thompson. We will also be improving our letter writing skills.

We can't wait for this half term and are looking forward to working alongside parents/carers to help make this topic a HUGE success!




Mrs Ashton

Mrs Ashton has taught at Writtle for a while and has now taught in each year group. Her favourite school subjects are English, Science and Art. 

She loves walking on the beach and really enjoys being by the sea.  

Mrs Ashton enjoys art and crafty activities, she can often be found with a paintbrush, glue stick or piece of tissue paper in her hand. 

Her other favourite hobbies are baking, shopping, and enjoying afternoon tea! She loves books and enjoys catching up with what is new in the bookshop!

She is looking after design and technology this year and RE and plans out our topics as Curriculum Leader.  

Mrs Lofthouse and Mr Terry

Some of you will already know Mrs Lofthouse, she is working with us in HA in the mornings especially in Maths and English.  In the afternoons Mrs Lofthouse will change roles and be supporting us with reading and spelling interventions. 

Mr Terry is joing us at Writtle and his first class at the school will be HA. He is looking forward to joining us and wants you to find out about his favourite hobbies.  

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson is our PE coach at school and will be working with us for one session a week.  She is brilliant in teaching Rugby and all kinds of sports, she can help prepare us all for the 2020 Olympics!

She also loves a sporting competion so could be training you to compete in cross country, gymnastics, athletics or a multitude of other sporting challenges. 

Mr Sills

Mr Sills is a musical wizard!  He will be seeing us on a Thursday for one session in the first half term. A little bird has told us there will be something different happening with Year 3 music this year for you to try....... what could it be? 




Extra Information: See below.