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Welcome to Class LL

Miss Linwood

Miss Linwood is a year 5 teacher and the Science subject leader. She runs The Science Club alongside Miss Greensted. Outside of school she enjoys taking part in sporting events, spending time with her family and being creative. 

This year in Class LL, Miss Groom will be joining Miss Linwood as trainee teacher. 

Come and say hello to Miss Linwood and Miss Groom at the end of the day!

Curriculum in Year 5

Autumn 1  Year 5 – Space Invaders

Our topic for the first half term was 'Space Invaders' where we looked forward to the challenge of sending a teddy bear into Space! Alongside this we learnt about the history of space, including finding out about the first people (and creatures) sent in to Space! We learnt about our Solar System and identified how the planets orbit the sun, as well as investigating how night and day are created. 

Autumn 2  Year 5 – Lights! Camera! Action!

Last half term our topic wass LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! During this topic we used Stop Motion to create our very own animations. We learnt all about camera angles, lighting and music, which all helps to create the mood and tine of the animation. We all had an amazing time!

Spring 1 Year 5 – Ancient Egyptians

This half term was all about travelling back in time to the world of Ancient Egypt. We learnt all about the mysteries of Tutankhamun's tomb and how Howard Carter discovered it (with a little help from his friends!) At the end of our topic we even created our own 'Horrible Histories' performance to show what we had learnt. It was great fun!

Spring 2 Year 5 - Amazing Americas

This half term we discovered the Americas! This topic was largely geography based where we learnt all about the different climate zones and creatied our own biome zoo! We found out lots of fun and exciting facts all about the Americas and even had our own America Day.

Summer 1 Year 5 - Top Gear

This half term our topic was ‘Top Gear’. The main focus of this topic was to create a company and design and make a moving model car. In order to do this the children worked in groups, creating a business and then carrying out research to ensure their car fitted the market. At the end of the topic, we hosted a car show, where they got to show off their designs. Many people brought in their vehicles for our afternoon car show, where we even had a double decker bus!

Summer 2 Year 5 - The Vikings

This has term our topic is 'The Vikings'. We will be learning all about who the vikings were, including the Viking gods. We will find out all about Viking invasions and we will even be going on a school trip to Layer Marney Tower.

In English we will be writing our own traditional tales with a twist. During this topic we will be looking at traditional tales such as The three little pigs and putting our own exciting twists on them. 

Thing to remember ...

PE is every Monday and Wednesday. Please remember to bring in your outdoor PE kit.

Homework is set every Thursday and is due in on the following Tuesday.

Spellings are handed out every Monday and are tested the following Monday.

Try and read to an adult at least once a week. Don't forget toget a grown up to write in your homework diary.

Class LL

Class LL

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