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Welcome to Class SL - Mr Lambert

What are we learning this term?

Welcome to Class SL

A great big welcome to WJS and to the many adventures you'll have in Year 3!

What Are We Learning?

Autumn 1st Half Term - This half term we found out about ourselves and our place in the community in the topic 'Mapping Me'.
Mapping Me took us on a journey through the human body. The skeleton was our focus as we learnt all about the different names and functions of our bones. The journey also took us around the village to the church. We studied a range of different maps, both locally and globally and identified common map symbols. 
Our trip this half term was to to Stansted Airport and we got to go behind the scenes and learnt about the different roles while watching planes take off and land. 

Autumn 2nd Half Term- This half term we travelled through time in our topic 'Time Quest'. We looked at a number of different historical periods from World War I all the way back to the prehistoric times. Whilst exploring the land of the dinosaurs we learnt about different rocks and also looked at how fossils were made. 
During English lessons we will wrote diaries, explanation texts and some poetry-some of which we read at the War Memorial in the village to commemorate the people who gave their lives during the wars. 
Our focus during maths was formal methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Spring 1st Half Term

This half term's topic was 'Wonderland' and we were looking at the story of Alice in Wonderland, exploring the different hats from the story, designing and making our own.
In maths we were looking more at written methods for multiplication and division. 
We were looking at instructions and completing an author study in English-the author we were working on was Colin Thompson. 
During science we learnt all about light and also the impact of recycling on our planet.

Spring 2nd Half Term

During this half term we will be discovering how to survive on a mountain in our topic "Operation Yeti". We will be finding out if the Yeti really exists, climbing to the top of Mount Everest and exploring different mountain ranges around the world. Our travels will take us from the prayer flags of Base Camp to the bald eagles of the Rockies.
We will be making emergency phone calls to mountain safety crews, speaking to a real-life mountaineer and going on our own expedition to hunt for the elusive Bigfoot.


Mr Lambert

Mr. Lambert teaches in Lower School and is enjoying working with the younger pupils. He is the Maths Subject Leader, Assessment Leader.

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson is our PE coach at school and will be working with us for one session a week.  She is brilliant at teaching Rugby and all kinds of sports, she can help prepare us all for the 2020 Olympics! 

She also loves a sporting competition so could be training you to compete in cross country, gymnastics, athletics or a multitude of other sporting challenges. 



Important Reminders

  • Please make sure you bring in your homework planner every day!
  • We have PE on a Tuesday and Friday, please have a kit in school so you're ready!
  • Remember we may go outside so make sure you have a tracksuit too!
  • Homework is always due in on Monday!
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