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School Menu

Our caterer, Ashlyns, provides 3 choices of main course (except on Wednesday’s Roast Dinner day, when the jacket potato option is not available) plus dessert.

Should you have any questions about catering at WJS please contact the School Office.

You can also call Ashlyns on 01277 890821, or visit Ashlyns’ website to find out more about the school catering that they provide.

Your child may, if they prefer, bring a packed lunch to school. This should be a nutritious meal which provides them with the energy they need for afternoon lessons e.g. a filled sandwich / roll, a piece of fruit, a cereal bar etc. (no sweets or fizzy drinks please). Water is always provided for those children who do not bring a drink. As some pupils have severe allergies we ask that no nuts, peanut butter or eggs (e.g. boiled eggs / egg mayonnaise) are included in a child’s lunch.



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