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Sporting Events at WJS

Welcome to WJS sporting page.  Here you will see all the events children take part in throughout the year. 

spring term 

Year 3 football tournament

On Monday, WJS took two teams of Yr3’s to take part in a football tournament at the Dome at Great Baddow High School. Both teams played 4 games each and improved massively in an hour. The standard of play was very impressive & both our teams were awesome! The teams came a respectable 4th & 5th place out of 8. Well done to all the Yr 3 children. Thank you to all the parents for help with lifts and their support.

Year 5/6 West Ham football tournament

On Friday 8th February WJS took our Yr 5/6 girls football team to take part in the Regional Final at the West Ham Foundation Centre in London. The weather was not on our side with rain and wind for the whole day but our WJS team didn’t let it stop them. They played six 8 minute games of football that were all very competitive; the girls had 4 close defeats, 1 draw & 1 win! All the girls improved throughout the day, worked fantastically as a team and cheered each other on! We had a brilliant day and did WJS proud ! Well done to all the girls you were awesome!

Year 3-6 cross country

WJS took 17 runners to take part in a cross country race at Melbourne Park on Thursday. All the children ran fantastically and all completed the course. Daisy ran for Year 3 and finished in 6th with Oscar W, placing 9th - excellent results by both children.Year 4 also had some brilliant results Amber did amazing coming in 1st place ! Tizzy 22nd, Sophie 29th, Ellie M 33rd, Olivia 36th. Alex also did well finishing 11th with Charlie M 13th, Oscar 33rd, Albie 34th, Arun 36th & Adam 37th. With the temperature dropping & wind still blowing our Yr6 Girls ran a tough race with Tia finishing in an outstanding 7th place followed closely by Hannah 25th, Phoebe E 27th & Esther 48th. Our Year 4 girls and boys teams both came 2nd overall today. The overall Year 6 results were not available before we left but we will post them on our WJS Sporting Events page. Thank you to Mr Berrett for all his help and the parents who helped with lifts and supporting the children. We couldn’t attend without you!

Bronze ambassadors helping the year 2s 

On Thursday WJS’s Bronze Ambassadors Phoebe & Ryan went to Chelmsford Sports & Athletics Centre with WIS’s year one children to support them taking part in the smash festival where the children got to take part in various net and ball games. All the infant children had a great time and both our Year 6 children loved helping them enjoy their afternoon.
Well done to all the children.

year 3/4 cheerleading competition

 Nine of our Year 3 and 4 children headed to the Melbourne Sports Centre to take part in the Chelmsford cheerleading competition. After warm up sessions with Oblivion Allstars trainers, our cheerleaders performed magnificently and won gold medals! Our next competition will be in March and is at County level. Well done to the whole team - you did an incredible job!

Autumn term

Year 6 Sports Hall Final

On Tuesday WJS took their Sports Hall Athletics Team to the Chelmsford finals. What a fantastic event it was! There were 8 strong teams and the standard was so
high. WJS battled through running
hard, throwing well and jumping as far as they possibly could. All of the WJS team represented our school superbly. Well done to all the children you did us proud with a 6th place finish on the day! Thank you to all the parents for
their help with lifts and for Tom & Phoebe’s mums for their awesome support!

Year 6 Sports Hall competition

On Monday WJS took a Year 6 team to take part in an indoor sports hall athletic competition. The children took part in various events from both track & field. The track events were very exciting to watch and lots of our team won their field event rounds and it was becoming
clear we were in the running for 1st place! The team gave everything they had throughout
the afternoon and out of 8 teams ended in a fantastic 2nd place! Once all the scores were added from all the heats we ended best runners up overall. This means that the WJS Team are in the final on Tuesday! Well done to all the children and a big thank you
to the parents who helped with lifts and were really supportive on the day. We wish all the team the best of luck for the finals.

year 4 dance festival 

On Tuesday Year 4 went to Chelmsford Sports & Athletic Centre to take part in a dance festival to celebrate all they have learnt this half term. The children took park in 3 dance workshops then went into the hall with different schools from Chelmsford.
Both classes performed their dances in front of the other schools & the judges. Out of 9 dances KH came a brilliant 6th place with their Nutcracker themed dance & LL came an amazing 3rd place with their ‘Rocking around the Christmas Tree’ dance.
Year 4 all had a super morning & made WJS very proud. Thank you to Mrs Harris, Miss Linwood & all the staff for helping with the morning, they all had a great time.

Sports festival fun 
On Thursday a team from WJS attended a Sports Festival at St John Payne. They had a fantastic time, worked together as a team and were a credit to WJS. They played sports such as hockey, curling and volleyball. Elliott in SH thought it was ‘awesome’, his favourite part was trampolining at the end. Well done to Matthew, Elliott, Joshua, Ellie, Sidney, Anne-Marie and Alfie!  

Year 3 OAA Challenge competition

What an adventure! Melbourne Stadium, Year 3 and Outdoor and Adventurous challenges. Last Tuesday, a group of twelve explorers, problem solvers and great thinkers from Year 3 went to the inter-schools O.A.A. challenge. They took on a number of tasks such as code breaking, orienteering, team building and general fitness. Split into three teams each group leader had to organise and guide their team through the activities. They worked hard, overcame some of their fears and took Gold and Bronze for the Chelmsford area.
Well done to the team : Sam G, Sam L, Sean, Toby, Tee, Maisie, Isla, Ida, Sophie, Jess, Luca and Alicia.


Archery, Boccia & Curling Competition 

 On Monday, WJS took 11 Year 5 pupils to take part in a sports festival at which the children were split into 3 teams taking part in Archery, Boccia & Curling. Each team improved throughout the afternoon & became rather competitive as the competition went on. All 3 teams were awesome and 2 out of 3 teams even got medals! The Archery team
finished in an outstanding 1st place & will represent us in the county finals in May. The Boccia Team came 2nd out of 16 teams. Miss Jeffries & Mrs Smith said that all 3 teams were awesome & so well behaved representing WJS fantastically. Thank you to Mr Collins who helped with lifts & stayed & supported the Curling team.

Year 4 Bowls competition

On Friday 16th November WJS took two teams of Year 4 pupils to take part in a bowls competition at The Falcon Bowls Centre. The children did 7 different target activities where they had 2 minutes to score as many points as possible. Both teams tried their best & cheered each other on throughout the competition and all the children had a really ‘funtastic’
morning. At the end, both teams ended up scoring 69 points! All the teams came together for the presentation and out of 25+ teams WJS came in first place! The children
were absolutely ecstatic after winning their gold medals - Well done to all the children, they were brilliant throughout. Thank you to Mrs Hoffman for helping with lifts & Mrs Key for staying & supporting the children.

Year 6 Tag rugby competition

On Monday 5th November WJS took a Year 6 Tag Rugby team to a 21 team tournament at Writtle College. Round 1 consisted of playing 6 x 8 minutes games and WJS and we managed to get through to the final round play offs to compete for a medal! The first game was against the reigning champs Moulsham who were incredible & tough, WJS really worked their socks off, losing a very respectable 4-0. We then played against Terling and the game ended 2-2! We had come third out of 21 teams! A special mention goes to team captain Alfie, Ellis & Hughie
who all played every match; they worked so hard and supported and
taught their team mates throughout - wonderful sportsmanship. Thank you to all the parents who came to support! We know you feel as proud of the team as we do.

Year 6 Football league match

 On the 30th of October, the Year 6 boys football team played Westlands Primary School and nabbed an outstanding win, 4-1. The team- Louie J, Alfie L, Oliver M, Olly M, Harry F, Bertie R, Alberto W, Jett M, Tom C and Daniel L- played well after going down 1-0 early on. The first goal came after Tom passed to Jett and he smashed it at the goal. The second came after a throw from Bertie, Tom controlling it and passing to Jett with him finishing in the bottom corner. After this, Jett grabbed another for his hat-trick. It was a real beauty. The final goal was scored by Harry who banged it into the top corner. Everybody played really well and can feel so proud of what they achieved. Thank you to everyone who came along to support us.

Year 6 Badminton competition

On Tuesday WJS took a year 6 team to take part in a badminton event at Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre. The team had to play 2 single &  3 double matches in each round. They played 3 rounds winning the first 2 rounds only losing 2 matches. The team were in the final for 1st or 2nd place. They all played some awesome, with great rally’s winning 2 matches losing 2 with the last match to play losing 11-8 it was fantastic performance by all 4 players and we ended in a very respectable 2nd place! Well done to Tia, Emily, Tom Ch & Ollie F you were all amazing! 

year 3/4 cross country 

Thursday 11th October WJS took a year 3/4 team to take part in a cross country race at Melbourne Park. All the team ran their best in really windy conditions, again with some fantastic results! Well done to all the children who took park. Great having Aaron coming along to support the team with his broken arm. A Special mention goes to Daisy-Bella 5th, Oscar W 3rd, Nate 4th, Amber 5th, Tizzy 14th, Alex B 6th & Charlie M in his debut run coming 13th well done to Valentino who was tripped over at the beginning, he got up and completed the race with a scuffed knee and & grazed elbow and still came 50th! Very proud of all the team - What an awesome week of cross country.Thanks to Mr Berrett & parents for helping. 

Results: year 3 - daisy bella 5th, Alex 64th, Mary 32nd, Maisie 33rd out of 86.  

Oscar W 3rd, Sean 26th, Valentino 50th, Nate 4th, Sam L 32nd out of 100.

year 4 - Amber 5th, Tizzy 14th, Sophie 29th, Ellie M 48th, Olivia 43rd out of 85.

Alex B 6th, Owen 40th, Charlie M 13th, Albie 41st out of 88. 

County cross country trials 

On Wednesday WJS took 9 selected children to take part in the cross country county trials. The sun was hot and the children were excited to take part. There were high numbers at the competition from lots of schools around Chelmsford . All the children did fantastic with some incredible results well done to Hannah 30th, Tia 20th, Leah, Jackson 9th, Alex B 6th and Oscar L 23rd. Special congratulations goes to Amber H & Daisy-Bella both coming in 3rd place & Oscar W 2nd place ! These 3 children will represent Chelmsford & take part in the county finals in spring next year ! Well done to the WJS team we are all very proud of you! 


Year 6 football tournament

On Wednesday 3rd October WJS took a Yr 6 girls & a Yr 6 boys team to a football tournament at Great Baddow High School. The girls played against 7 other teams, they played brilliantly throughout the morning ending the tournament in an outstanding 2nd place. The boys played in the afternoon, winning 3 games and drawing one. The boys came second in their group on goal difference. This meant they placed in the 4th-6th place play off. They finished in an amazing 4th place! Both the year 6 teams were absolutely excellent throughout the day and did WJS proud ! Thanks also to the parents who helped with lifts as we couldn’t do it without you!

Cross year 5/6 Country

On Thursday 4th October our Yr 5/6 Cross Country team went to Hylands Park. The sun was out and all the team ran their best with some awesome results. A fantastic effort by the all the children - but a special mention goes to Year 5 with Leah 7th, Jackson 6th and in Year 6, Tia 11th, Hannah 12th and Yasmine 17th ! Thanks to Mr Berrett & parents for walking to & from Hylands. 

Results: year 5 - Leah 7th, Elissa 54th, Becky L 49th, Yasmin 17th out of84.

Jackson 6th, Leo 34th, Joel 48th, Ryan 95th out of 100.

year 6 - tia 11th, Hannah 12th, Phoebe E 38th, Esther 27th out of 74.

Bertie 32nd, James 70th, Ollie Mas 44th Matthew 65th, Freddie 29th out of 73. 

Year 3/4 cross country 

Thursday 27th September WJS took year a 3/4 cross country team to take part in their first race of the season at Chelmer Park. With the year 3s representing WJS for the very first time, they were all absolutely fantastic. We had some brilliant results too. Year 3 Daisy-Bella 2nd & Oscar W 4th. Year 4 Amber 9th & Alex B 11th place. The year 4 boys came 3rd overall too! Well done to all the team you were awesome! Thanks to Mr Berrett & parents helpers we couldn’t do it without you.

results- Daisy 2nd, Maddie 20th, Mary 32nd, Ella Mai 34th out of 67. Oscar W 4th, Sean 21st, Tino 30th,Ethan 73rd out of 75. Amber 9th, tizzy 27th, Sophie 31st,Olivia 57th out of 72. Alex B 11th, Oscar 21st, Owen 32nd, Adam 44th, Albie 45th out of 71.

Bronze ambassador training 

Monday 24th September WJS took two selected year 6 pupils to take part in the CSSP Bronze Ambassador workshop where they learnt lots of skills and ideas on how to lead sport in School.
Well done to both Phoebe and Ryan for representing our school excellently.

Year 5/6 cross country 

On Thursday 20th September WJS took a Year 5/6 cross country team to Melbourne park to take part in the first race of the season. It was a really windy afternoon and all the team were awesome!
Well done to everyone with some great results in Year 5 with Jackson finishing 6th, Leah 17th and inYear 6 Tia 5th and Hannah 12th!

Results- Leah 17th, Elissa 52nd, Caitlin 62nd, sienna 90th out of 113. Jackson 6th Leo 63rd, Ryan 124, Freddie 129 out 136. Tia 5th, Hannah 12th, phoebe 64th, Esther 72nd out of 107. Alfie 47th, Freddie 48th, Reece 54th, Ellis 56th out of 114. 

Summer term

Change 4 life festival

Eight year 3/4 children attended the school games Change4life festival at Chelmsford College on Tuesday. They had a fantastic time taking part in various activities including trampolining and 3 Tees Cricket. Thanks to Miss Storer & Mrs Manning.

change 4 life 1

Year 3 Football Competition 

On Monday 30th April, WJS took a Year 3 football team to play in a ‘School Games’, 5-a-side football competition at Great Baddow High School. There were six teams and WJS played five games in total. The team were fantastic throughout the event, winning 3 games & drawing 2. These results meant they won the competition and are going through to the finals in June!
Well done to all the children and thank you to Mr Lambert and all the parents for their help with lifts and support. 


football week 

This week to help celebrate girls football week - Years 3,4 & 5 had Writtle Minors SSE Wildcats spend the day at WJS coaching the girls. Each year group played a variety of fun football games & also matches. All the girls had a wonderful time and the coaches said they really enjoyed the day. We look forward seeing them continue to play in the future. 

Mini Wimbledon Tennis

It was the turn of Year 3 and 4 on Wednesday to take part in a mini Wimbledon Tennis Competition at Paradise Road. Our children were split into three teams and played five singles matches. Their points were added together giving us an overall score. We came 4th, 3rd & 2nd place! All the children played well and improved throughout the afternoon. Both children and parents had a fantastic time! A big thank you to Mr Lambert for helping out at the competition and umpiring the games. Well done to all the teams, including Phoebe L who came along to support on crutches as she couldn’t play. Also thank you to the parents for coming along and your great support.mini tennis

Year 3 Football final  

On Monday 4th June WJS took the Year 3 football team to their final competition at Great Baddow High School. The team played three really tough 7 minute matches winning
their first game 4-1 with Charlie M scoring all 4 goals. The second game was a 1-1 draw
with our goal scored by Oscar. Our final game was so close ending in a defeat 1-2 with
Albie scoring. It was a great effort by all the team ending in an awesome 2nd place! Thank you for all the parents and children for coming along on their non pupil day.

football final (1)

Archery competition 

On Monday, WJS took a team of Year 5/6 boys to take part in an Archery Competition at Perryfields Juniors. Most of the boys had not done archery before so it was great for
them to have a go. They had a practice first and then the competition. The boys had 1 shot for each round and all improved throughout the 8 rounds and were really supportive of each other. All the boys scores were tallied together and out of 8 teams WJS came first! Well done to all the team they were fantastic. Thanks to Miss Rowell for coming along, Miss Storer & Mrs Harris for their help with lifts. 


Bowling competitio

On Tuesday WJS took a team of Year 5/6 girls to take part in a bowls competition at Falcon
Bowls.The girls spent the morning going around a carousel of different activities and
had lots of fun taking part. The girls all cheered each other on and improved
throughout the morning. Well done girls, brilliant efforts, they came 11th and 13th out of 24 teams! Thanks to Mrs Shelton for coming along to support the team and help with lifts. 


Hockey tournament

On Wednesday WJS took two Year 6 teams to take part in a county hockey competition. Both teams played 5 games each and finished in 3rd & 4th place out of their pools of 6 & 7 teams. Both teams worked their socks off playing against really tough opponents from all around Essex. After lunch both teams played 2 more games placing them in their final positions of 7th & 12th overall! The team showed great sportsmanship throughout the day that we can all feel very proud of! Thank you to Mrs Champney for being awesome all day and for help with lifts from Mrs Hall & parents/ grandparents. hockey

Quad Kid Competition

On Monday WJS took a Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 team to take part in a Quad Kids competition at Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre. All the children had to do a 60/80m sprint, run 400/600m, a standing long jump & throwing event. Each child scored points from each
event, which were then added up to make a whole team score. Out of 7 teams our Year 3/4 team came an amazing 2nd & our Year 5/6 team came in an outstanding 1st place! Well done to all the children who took part, they were fantastic all morning and cheered each other on throughout the competition. Thanks to Mrs Harris & all the parents for their help with lifts and support. quad kids 2

District Sports

We had a great time last week competing in the District Sports. There was a wonderful team spirit and a great show of athleticism on both days. The children competed in a variety of events, including long jump, high jump, throwing and sprints. Everyone tried their best and we brought home many certificates, with a number of our children placed in the top 3 of their event. The team did the school proud! Thank you to all of you who came and supported us. 

Dodge Competition  

On Monday WJS took a Year 5 team to take part in a dodgeball competition held at St John Payne School. There were 9 teams in 3 pools. Having 6 children on the court at a time, the team played 2 games made up of 3 - 2 minute rounds subbing each third. WJS won their first 2 games brilliantly. They were then put into the winning pool to play 2 more games. We were beaten by the reigning champs in the first and then lost by one round in the second game. Such a close match! All the team were awesome and showed excellent team spirit. We definitely had fun and entertained the parents who came along to support us! Thanks parents for your help. 


Girls Football Leauge

Last week the girls played their final match of the season, winning 3-1 against Lawford Mead. Along with this achievement, the girls were also given the news that we were top of our league! As there were two leagues running there will now be a final played against The winners of League B, Barnes Farm. The final will be played at WJS on Tuesday 3rd July at 3.45pm. 

Spring Term

sports relief event 2018

A big thanks to all the children & staff for dressing up in their sporting outfits and running from WJS to Saundersfoot on Friday 23rd March for sports relief 2018 - great team effort! We managed to raise a total of £178.65. 

cheerleading competition 

On Thursday the Cheerleading Team went to take part in the County Final at Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre. There were lots of other schools involved from all over Essex. The girls were amazing and their routine was fantastic. They finished fourth in the county and came first in Chelmsford, a fantastic effort. A big thanks to Mrs Ashton, Mrs Day and Abbie for all their hard work. 

Cross country relays 

On Thursday 8th of March WJS took 4 teams of children to take part in the cross country relays. The course was really a tough one this year in both distance & condition. All the children took their turn to run the muddy course and all did extremely well. The finishing results were Year 3/4 girls came 11th, boys an amazing 4th place. Year 5/6 girls an awesome 4th position & boys 6th. Well done to all the teams, a fantastic way to end the season! Thank you to Mr Berrett and the parents who helped with lifts & support. 

change 4 life festival 

On Wednesday 7th of March, WJS took 10 Year 3/4 children to a Change 4 Life Festival at Chelmsford Sport & Athletic Centre. They went around the centre taking part in a variety of activities including Tri Golf, Volleyball, Fencing & Boccia. All the children had a such lovely afternoon and represented the school brilliantly. 

Well done to all the children. Thank you to Mr Taylor & Mrs Manning for helping with lifts, they both really enjoyed watching the children doing all the activities. 

Gymnastics competition 

There were around fourteen schools for each Lower and Upper School competition. It was an extremely high standard of competition and Year 5&6 came 7th and year 3&4 came 8th. A big thank you to the PA who raised all the money for the gym kits; the girls looked great! Well done everyone. gym(1)

year 3/4 cross country

On Thursday 8th February WJS took a Year 4 team to Chelmer Park to take part in the last cross country race of the season. All the children ran well round the cold muddy course and all finished with a smile. Well done to all the team. Elissa 46th, Leah 53rd, Ellie 69th, Erin 70th, Jackson 5th, Chester 28th, Ryan 95th & Charlie 96th. Thanks to Mr Berrett and Mr Lee for their help with lifts and supporting the children. 

year 5/6 cross country

The Cross Country Team did brilliantly yesterday and a special mention to Tia who came 4th in the girls race and Hannah who came 20th. Excellent achievement and great effort by all involved. 

Sports hall athletics Final

On Tuesday 23rd of January WJS took their Year 6 team to take part in the Chelmsford Sports Hall finals which was against 7 other teams. The competition was a massive step up from the heats and WJS really gave it their all to compete against the other teams. We had some great results where the girls came 2nd in two field events & the boys won one field event. We also won some of our races. We ended in a very respectable 6th place with only very few points in it. We also had some individual winners; Lottie for a chest push throw of 7m, Arnie for jumping 5.50m in standing triple jump & Jonty for
throwing the javelin 16.50m! Well done team WJS, you were awesome! 

A big thanks again to Mrs Champney & parents for their support with lifts and cheering on the children, we couldn't do it without you! 


News just in... the WJS Year 6 Sports Hall team have made it to the Chelmsford final as they scored the highest points out of all the other teams who came third in all the other competition heats! Good luck Year 6 for next Tuesday 23rd January! We are all very proud of you! 

Year 6 Sports Hall Competition

On Friday 12th January WJS took a Year 6 Sports Hall team to Chelmsford Sports & Athletics Centre to take part in the indoor sports hall competition. WJS was against 6 other teams competing in various running & field events including standing/ triple jump, chest push, javelin, obstacle relay, under & over & relays. 

All the children worked hard in all their events and cheered on their team so very well.

A special Well done to Arnie, Elise & Jonty for achieving the highest scores in their individual events. Fantastic team, well done to all! 

Thanks so much to all the parents who helped with lifts and supporting all the children.

Autumn Term

Year 6 Rising stars 
On Tuesday 26th November Jonty, Bonnie, Miles & I went to Chelmsford sports & Athletic Centre to attend the rising stars programme. There were about 60 children from other Chelmsford schools,. We took part in three different activities. We started with basketball I was paired with Jonty. Bonnie & Miles went off to do another activity first. We enjoyed basketball and playing games. We then went and played tennis with children from other schools. The last activity was gymnastics where I paired with Jonty, we worked together creating balances. We all gathered together at the end to celebrate the afternoon Jonty and I were both awarded a certificate, mine for determination and Jonty for teamwork both were for basketball. Bonnie liked gymnastics best, Miles tennis & Jonty basketball. All four of us had lots of fun. Written by Reanna CC

rising starsHi 5

On Friday 1st December our Hi5 team went off to play Newland Spring Primary School. Once again, the team did us all proud. Newland Spring were the overall winners and the team thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A big thank you to everyone who came to support us. 


We interviewed Poppy from KR about the routine Cheerleading Club are developing for a competition that they have coming up soon. The team have worked so hard to learn their routine and it is looking really good. We wish them the very best for the competition and look forward to sharing the experience with you in the coming weeks.

Ex pupil news 

We have just had the fantastic news that ex WJS pupil May Bradburn is now ranked 2nd in the country for female 50m butterfly in her age group! We are very proud of you May, keep working hard. may

Curling & archery

On Monday 20th November Writtle Juniors took two Year 5/6 teams to Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre to take part in a Curling and Archery competition. Alex said, "There were four pools of six teams who played against each other in the Curling competition. The game was really fun, I got really excited when I got a stone in the middle of the target, I was really proud of my team I think we did really well. Our team came in 4th place.” Ronnie said, "There were 32 teams doing archery and we came 5th! My team mates and I thought it was really fun. I liked it best when we could hit the target, my best score was 18 with two arrows. We all had a lovely afternoon.” Thank you to Mrs Hall, Mrs Corby & Mrs Smith for taking us and supporting us at the event. 


photo curlingYear 5/6 football match

On Monday 13th of November WJS girls football team played St Michaels in a league match. The girls from St Michaels were a solid team to play against but the Writtle girls were up for the challenge. The girls worked hard throughout the game improving on positioning and passing. Just before the half time whistle went Ella dribbled the ball in from the half way line and finished with a cracking goal hitting it straight in the back of the net! The team played a strong attacking game in the second half and scored 3 more times, Fran finally got the goal she deserved, followed by another goal by Ella then Fran scored the last! St Michaels tried to come back at WJS but their super strong defence lead by Rosie just wasn't letting them get through. Some great saves by Jessica! Fantastic result 4-0 win ! Well done to the team! Thanks to Mr Lambert for refereeing the game and to all the parents and supporters for coming over and cheering the girls on. 


Year 4/6 Hi-5 Game

It was great to see our Hi-5 team play Westlands on Friday 10th November. Westlands played really well and although the game ended in defeat for WJS the team did us proud.  There were some great moves during the game and we look forward to seeing them play in further matches during the year.  Well done to all the team and thanks for all the support

Year 3/4 & 5/6 Cross Country

On the 9th and 16th of November Writtle Juniors took a Year 5/6 team to Chelmer Park and a Year 3/4 team to Melbourne Park. We were lucky with the weather; we had warm and sunny days at both events. All the children ran their hearts out and tried their best. We also had some awesome individual results too! The children all cheered each other on and represented WJS extremely well. Well done to both teams. A big Thank you to Mr Berrett and all the parents for helping with lifts and cheering the team on. We couldn’t attend events without your help!


Year 3/4 Tizzy 4th, Daisy 56th, Lexi 60th, Olivia 61st, Isla 64th out of 76. Oscar 5th, Alex 29th, Albie 47th, Arun 63rd out of 72. Elissa 29th, Erin 31st, Ellie F 41st, Leah 52nd out of 72. Jackson 5th, Chester 30th, Harry 52nd Joel 55th, Walsh 60th out of 81.

Year 5/6 Tia 15th, Hannah 30th, Ella 76th, Emma 109th out of 120. Alfie L 41st, Bertie 74th, Oliver M 75th, Alberto 113th out of 135. Ava 21st, Elise 34th, Tabs 43rd, Fran 60th out of 102. Henry 30th, Brynley 82nd, Korben 85th & Thomas 95th out of 100.

cross country

Year 6 Tag Rugby Competition 

 On 6th November we took a team of Year 6 Pupils to a Tag Rugby Competition at Writtle College.  The sun was shining, but it was a cold, autumnal afternoon.  The team were put in a tough pool and played 6 ten minute games.  After adjusting to the level of competition, the team worked hard, passing the ball well and finding space across the field.  The scores were very close with a mixture of wins, draws and losses.  We managed to get through to the second round of games and won them 3-1 and 2-1.  A couple of excellent performances!  It was an awesome afternoon and we can feel very proud of our team.  Well done all!

Well done to Fran, Rosie, Abbie, Reanna, Owen, Toby, Henry, James, Euan, Brynley, Harry and Freddy

Thank you to Mrs Champney for organising and being a great supporter throughout the competition, and to all the parents, carers for their help with lifts, we couldn't go without your help!  

Year 5/6 Badminton Competition

On 17th October Writtle Juniors took a team of four children to take part in a Badminton Competition at Chelmsford Sport and Athletics Centre. They spent the morning playing several matches consisting of both single and doubles games. They did fantastically and won all their games-finishing top of their pool 11--5, 11--4, 11-5, 11-6, 11-2, 11-4, 11-8,11-4 11-4, 11-2, 11-3, 11-5, 11-7. They then went and played against the winners of the other pool. They lost 3 very close games 10-11,6-11 and 7-11 and won one 11-6. The games were excellent and to such an impressive standard! The team ended coming 2nd with just 1 point in it to win..!

Well done to Brynley, Thomas, Elise and Eleanor 

Thank you parents for your help with lifts and staying and cheering all the children on...we couldn't go without your help! 


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