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A selection of pictures from the past, the present and the future...

We hope you enjoy the selection of photos... we have been looking back and adding in some from a few years ago too... can you guess the year?

What do the children think?


"We really enjoy going to assembly because we celebrate each others successes.  We also learn about things from all around the world which are really interesting."

By Charlotte and Jessy 

"We like all of the art we do as we enjoy being creative." 

By Hollie and Ellena​ 

"We like WJS because in music, all of the children get to play instruments at the same time. Also, there are lots of sporting competitions that we get to participate in."

By Oli and Mia  

"I like choosing my own challenge in lessons.  The ‘Pink’ challenge in Maths really makes me think.  I also like doing the extra challenges that my teacher sets."

By Max

"I really enjoy the clubs that we have at WJS.  I am learning to Fence this term and it’s great fun."

By Ed 

"We love being at Writtle Juniors as they produce some really good theatre productions. Also we often get to work on the ipads. We even have a go-kart and a drone that can be programmed through coding."

By Ava and Ava-Rose 

"My favourite part of being at WJS is being given the chance to write stories."

By Bobby

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