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Message from the WJS Team 

Virtual WJS has now ended for the summer and we look forward to having our school full of children again from September.  It will be different, but if we work together there will be just as many smiles!

We say goodbye to Year 6 and wish them all well for the future.  It is always strange saying goodbye as although we are sad to see them leave, we are so proud of all that they have achieved.  They have been an incredible group of children that have displayed so many qualities in their time at WJS and I am so pleased that we have had the chance to say a proper goodbye.  It has been a pleasure working with them all.

So what next?  Well I will be writing to the whole school community at the end of August to confirm September arrangements.  If you have any questions during the summer holiday contact us on our school email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The email address is:  admin@writtle-jun.essex.sch.uk

Finally, the whole team at WJS would like to thank you all of you for your incredible support throughout the year.  Your kind words and supportive gestures have meant so much in what has truly been a unique (we hope) year at WJS.

Have a great summer and take care

Mr Taylor and the whole team at WJS

Sports Day 2020

We were all very pleased to see the number of you who took part in our Sports Day both at home and in school.  We calculated an average score for each class.

Our classes with the highest score in each year group were:  SL, KH, and KR.

Our Year 6 Bubble with the highest average score was SL.

Thank you for taking part and we will hopefully have Sports Day back on the field next year!

Year 3

Last updated 21.7.20

Good Morning on the very last day of term. How are you this morning? 

We would like to thank you all for a great year even though a lot of time was spent in lockdown.  We enjoyed reading your work, visiting Stansted with you, speaking to you on the phone and reading Pugs with you. 

Today for our last day is : Junk Food Day! What a great day to celebrate and party with. 

Junk foods are usually, by definition, high in fats, sugars, salt, and calories. But more often than not, they are delicious! Junk food day is the perfect day to treat yourself. 

Please Note: Junk food may be hazardous to your health. After all, your parents know what’s best for you. Do so at your own risk. That risk includes having too much and your parents saying: “I told you so!”

Bake cupcakes, make cookies, heat up some popcorn, buy some of your favourite sweets.  You could even make some junk foods from other countries.

Have a wonderful last day of term. Finish off your homework and then you have the whole holiday to enjoy yourselves. 

See you in September! 

Mrs A and Mr L xxxx

Year 3 September 2020

If you are starting Year 3 in September 2020, you will find your summer holiday homework below and a video from your teacher.

Year 2 Welcome Video.mov

Year 4

Last updated 21.7.20

Good Morning Year 4!

It seems like a long time since school was closed and you all went home and had to embrace home learning. Some of the teachers thought it might last a few weeks, possibly a month. None of us had any idea that it would go on for so long. We will certainly never forget this time.

And home learning has been a challenge. There have been some highs and lows and I know that a number of you have struggled to stay motivated with the work we have set you. Learning is easier at school  - you need the routine of school, the classroom, your friends and even the teachers! Having said that, we are so proud of how you have kept going with the work, right up until the last day. And not just school work, also all of the extra curricular activities you have been doing. You all deserve a great, big pat on the back. And also a big pat on the back for your mum, dad and all the adults that have helped you during lockdown. You also have been amazing.

So here we are at the end of the summer term and although it was not the way we wanted things to end, we know that you will come back in September, relaxed and refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of Year 5. 

So have a fantastic summer. Let's hope the sun makes an appearance now and then! 

Mrs Harris, Mrs Cookson and Miss Anderson.

Year 4 September 2020

If you are starting Year 4 in September 2020, you will find your summer holiday homework below and a video from your teacher.

Year Four .mov

Year 5


And so here it is. The final curtain of year 5. We've had our fun. We've hard our hard times. But most of all, we've made some amazing memories. We are so proud of how far you have come this year and can't wait to see you continue to grow into the wonderful human beings you are, and will be. This is not 'goodbye', just 'see you later'. Have an amazing Summer! We will leave you with a little poem:

We think you’re very special, and we just wanted you to know, this year has been amazing, we're so sad to see you go! We’ve done so much together, we’ve laughed and smiled and learned. After such an exciting journey, enjoy the summer break you’ve earned. Remember to come and visit, we would love to see you grow. You have a lot to learn ahead, but there is one thing you should know: The thing that makes you wonderful, and will shine through all you do, is just to be yourself, and be proud that you are you!

Miss Rowell and Mrs Wade :)


Year 5 September 2020

If you are starting Year 5 in September 2020, you will find your summer holiday homework below and a video from your teacher.

Year 6

(Last update: 21.07.2020)

Now that you've got to the end of year 6

Nothing can stop you now;

You've worked so hard to get to this day

It's time to take a bow.

Congratulations all of you

Your futures look strong and bright;

May you achieve the things you dream

Within a life that's sheer delight. 

Year 6 it's been a pleasure; it's been a blast. From the whole year 6 team. 


Year 6 September 2020

If you are starting Year 6 in September 2020, you will find your summer holiday homework below and a video from your teacher.


A selection of pictures from the past, the present and the future...

We hope you enjoy the selection of photos... we have been looking back and adding in some from a few years ago too... can you guess the year?


What do the children think?

"We really enjoy going to assembly because we celebrate each others successes.  We also learn about things from all around the world which are really interesting."

By Charlotte and Jessy 

"We like all of the art we do as we enjoy being creative." 

By Hollie and Ellena‚Äč 

"We like WJS because in music, all of the children get to play instruments at the same time. Also, there are lots of sporting competitions that we get to participate in."

By Oli and Mia  

"I like choosing my own challenge in lessons.  The ‘Pink’ challenge in Maths really makes me think.  I also like doing the extra challenges that my teacher sets."

By Max

"I really enjoy the clubs that we have at WJS.  I am learning to Fence this term and it’s great fun."

By Ed 

"We love being at Writtle Juniors as they produce some really good theatre productions. Also we often get to work on the ipads. We even have a go-kart and a drone that can be programmed through coding."

By Ava and Ava-Rose 

"My favourite part of being at WJS is being given the chance to write stories."

By Bobby

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