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Class SL

Mr. Lambert's favourite subject is maths, which he leads across the school.

When he isn't at school he will be spending time with his family, out running, playing tennis or eating something delicious! He is looking forward to going on holiday somewhere abroad.

Our Class

Mrs Hall will be working in our class.

We will also be continuing to work with Mr Sills for Music. 

We can't wait to work with you all. 

Things to remember

PE will be on Tuesday and Friday.

Homework will be set on a Thursday and due in the following Monday. 

Autumn First Half

'World War Two'

This term you will going back in time, to wartime Britain. You will be learning about how people lived throughout World War II, why it happened and who was involved. You will have the opportunity to discover what life was like as an evacuee; get to try some tasty rationed treats; and even get to design and make our own ‘Dig for Victory’ gardens. Our topic learning will be enhanced through our English work based around the book ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ . We will continue to develop our understanding in science by exploring light and how we see.

Autumn Second Half

Mind The Gap

So this term we look at modern day London and study it geographically as well as looking at the art culture and the historical growth of London as our capital. We use our detective skills a lot. Also, in science we study electricity; in RE we move from Judaism into Christianity and in music Mr Sills teaches the Ukelele and standard notation. Maths takes us through fractions in depth and English looks at active and passive, subordination and every word class except verbs!

Spring First Half


Welcome to the wonderful country of India. Its beautiful natural landscapes; its culture and folk origins; its wildlife and of course the dance styles. This term we look at a contrasting country to our own and explore in depth the Indian folk tales and stories - which lead us nicely into our Hinduism RE topic for the term. In PE we try out different dance styles. In science we study living things: animal classification, micro-organisms and plants from India. Maths takes us into decimals and percentages - combining that with what we have already learnt on fractions. in Art we look at Rangoli patterns, man made and natural patterns around us and in DT we try our hand at making our own naan breads. Yum!

Spring Second Half

"Will these hands ne'er be clean?"

We have named this term's topic after a quote that is taken from our book that we will study in English this term. Deliberately not going to tell you the name of the book to see whether any of you can guess! - It's pretty famous as literature goes and will set you up well for something that you will be studying in secondary school. So this also works as a preliminary transition to KS3 topic. The quote, we feel, additionally reflects the hand-washing culture that is now forefront in all our minds and enabling us to keep our community safe and well. 

Our science this term is about the Human Body. We develop previous learning on the skeletal, muscular and digestive systems from years 3 and 4, and add into the mix the heart, circulatory system, keeping healthy and puberty. 

Music with Mr Sills, PE with Mrs Robinson, art and DT on the human body and the English topic, computing with multi-media and as much learning outside as possible.

Summer First Half

Link to Lincs

During this half term, the children will complete their final preparations for their SATs tests alongside preparing for their residential trip that takes place in the last week.

We study coastal regions in Geography and plants in Science, linking the two together. We ensure this term is fun and supportive as we help your children celebrate their last term with us here and guide them through their SATs with the celebration of the residential at the end.

Summer Second Half

Money Spinners 

This term starts with a 3 week enterprise topic in which the children work in teams to create a product that they can sell. We look at business management, accounting, profit and debt. We then sell our products to the rest of the school. 

In the remaining weeks, we look at transition to secondary and ensure that our pupils are secondary ready. 

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