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Meet Our Staff

  • Who is our Executive Head Teacher?

    Mr Taylor is our Executive Head Teacher.  He works in our partner infant school for half the week too.

  • Who is our Head of School?

    Miss Storer is our Head of School. 

  • Who is our SENCo?

    Miss Anderson is our SENCo. 

  • Who are our Teachers?

    Year 3 - Mrs Harris and Mrs Cookson

    Year 4 - Mrs Ashton/ Miss Linwood and Miss Rowell

    Year 5 - Miss Jeffree and Mrs Wade

    Year 6 - Ms Herdman and Mr Lambert

  • Who are our LSA's?

    Year 3 - Mrs Smith,  Mrs Chilvers, Mrs Termezi

    Year 4 - Mrs Beadle,  Mrs Lallyette, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Holloway

    Year 5 - Mrs Comley, Mrs Mullen,  Mrs Prentice, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Briggs

    Year 6 - Mrs Hall,  Mrs Blake-Martin

  • Who are our Office Team?

    Mrs Greenhill is in the office nearly every morning and afternoon.  She is in charge of making the office run effectively.

    Mrs Anderson works in the office every morning and some afternoons too.  She looks after dinner registers and if you are feeling poorly - she is the person to visit.

  • Who is our Finance Manager?

    Mrs Cardnell works in the office on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. She is in charge of all the financial aspects of the school.

  • Who is our Site Manager?

    Mr M Turner is responsible for overseeing the running of both the Junior and Infant school sites.

  • Who are our Kitchen Team?

    Julie Borg (Cook), Teresa Pettit, Jenny Moore, Esther Smith, Margaret Flannigan, Rika Miller, Jay Sandhu

  • Who are our MDA's?

    Ms Anderson, Mrs Perez-Moseley, Mrs Kelly, Ms Martin, Mrs Dennison and Mrs Walsh are our lovely lunchtime team.

  • Who helps keep our school clean?

    Mr Wright works very hard to keep the classrooms clean and tidy each day.


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