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Interested in becoming a Primary Teacher?

Essex Primary SCITT is run by schools. Learning to teach doesn’t just happen overnight it takes time, hard work and support. EPS aims to train, support and guide you to be the very best teacher you can be because we want the best teachers transforming the lives of children in our schools.

The best people to tell you why you should apply to train with us are those we have trained. Each year our trainees let us know why they have been so happy to have trained with us as well as anything we can do to make our programme even better.

How to Apply

Before we take you through how to apply you need to think about the different routes into teaching and your options

There is a lot of information about the different routes into teaching- salaried, School Direct, SCITT, PGCE which can be somewhat confusing and make it difficult to decide how to apply

Basically there are 2 different options in terms of how places are funded:

Non-salaried (sometimes called tuition fee funded places) – where trainees pay their tuition fee. Most trainees are eligible for student finance and get a student loan to pay for their fees (see finance section). The majority of trainees follow this route.

Salaried places – where trainees are paid while they train and their tuition fees are paid for them. Salaried places are School Direct so you have to apply through the lead school that has been allocated the places. All our salaried places are through Lyons Hall Primary and Secondary Partnership. There is a limited number of salaried places and competition for them is very high.

For 2021 all primary applications need to be made through the GOV.UK Apply Service getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/how-to-apply-for-teacher-training or UCAS Teacher Training www.ucas.com/apply/teacher-training 

The Get Into Teaching website allows you to search for your choice of teacher training provider.

To apply to us through Apply or UCAS you can search for us directly as Essex Primary SCITT (non-salaried places only, use code 2T3R).

Alternatively, you can apply for a School Direct place through two of our lead schools:

Via Apply or UCAS: Felsted Primary School – non-salaried places only (code 28XY)

Via UCAS: Lyons Hall Primary and Secondary Partnership– for salaried (code 24LY) and non-salaried places (code 24LV)

Entry requirements

Prior to starting their training all entrants to primary teacher training must have:

  • An honours degree from a UK Higher Education Institution; equivalent overseas qualification or a qualification recognised as equivalent to a degree. (This should be 2:2 or above)
  • GCSE or GCE English, maths and science at grade 4 (C) or above (or equivalent)

Entrants with qualifications from outside the UK must provide an equivalency statement from NARIC. Further details regarding a free NARIC assessment can be found on the Get Into Teaching Website.

If you do not hold a GCSE in English, maths or science at grade 4 (C) or above or equivalent you can apply to take an equivalency test. We accept equivalency tests from:

A* Star Teachers www.astarteachers.co.uk

Equivalency Testing www.equivalencytesting.co.uk

Maths Made Easy www.mathsmadeeasy.co.uk

We also look for candidates to have:

  • An ability to communicate clearly and accurately in Standard English.

You can find out more general information about applying for teacher training via the Department for Education website Get Into Teaching.

If you have any questions about applying please contact enquiries@essexprimaryscitt.co.uk or 07738 885759

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