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The Comenius Project from 2012-2014

Following our two previous projects which had been very successful, we decided to embark on a third Comenius project. These projects are funded by the British Council. We were lucky enough to be accepted on two new Comenius projects which meant we had to choose which we would pursue. We decided to go with a French lead project as we had worked with this teacher in our first project, ‘Gardeners for mutual Understanding’.

The main objective of the project ‘ACTE’ (Arts and Cultures across Europe) was to bring schools from 6 European countries together and enable them to get to know each other and understand their own cultural heritage and their partners’ cultural heritage too.

The project’s main goal was to develop a sense of European Identity among pupils and educational communities through the discovery and sharing of artistic and cultural backgrounds.

Schools involved were from:

  • Lyon, France (Lead school)
  • Vratza, Bulgaria
  • Sicily, Italy
  • Nufringen, Germany
  • Seville, Spain

The project led to many exciting opportunities for both children and staff and certainly enriched the curriculum.

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